Saját infarastruktúrával vállaljuk felületszerelt alkatrészek (SMD – Surface Mounted Devices) kis szériás gyártását normál FR4, vag vákum-kemencével speciális hordozóra alacsony “void” képződés mellett. Gyártósorunk elemei az alábbiak:

TWS SR2700 Semi-Automatic Stencil Printer

Adjustable snap-off speed and squeegee pressure, efficient, motorized double squeegee head, twin camera assisted visual positioning, touch screen display. Excellent solder paste prints, even with extra fine pinouts.

TWS Quadra DVC EVO Automatic Pick and Place Machine

High performance and precision, even for the placement of 0201 components. Vibration free, high speed brushless motors, high resolution full color camera, up to 120 feeders of 8 mm width, reliable software.

TWS 1380 EVO Reflow Oven

Lead free capable, 4 heating and 1 cooling zone, mesh belt oven; thermal profile adjustable within a wide range.

ATV SRO-700 Vacuum Reflow Oven

Vacuum reflow oven with IR heating, less than 5×10-5 mbar vacuum and adjustable thermal profile.