HOME2.0. – building automation

We provide an efficient solution to the control and regulation of different MEP systems of residential buildings and family homes. No matter whether you are at home or at a remote location, you can easily control basic energy efficiency, safety and comfort functions of the property, even using your phone or a tablet.
With the solutions of NG Project, you will be able to set timed events when you are away, such as turning on light sources at given periods of time or automatically heat the house in case of an outside temperature drop but the possibility of immediate intervention is also possible to control the CCTV system or to lock windows and doors. Explore building automation solutions of NG Project that can be completely customized and developed according to personal needs, making your home more efficient, safer and more comfortable.

Heating-cooling control

Indoor temperature can be adjusted based on ad hoc settings or on predefined automatisms by installing cooling and heating control. Setting automatic change of the indoor temperature depending on the variations of outdoor temperature is possible. It is also an option to set that only the temperature of those rooms should rise above a certain value where there is someone. You can heat the house by a command sent from your phone before arriving home, in order to have your home nice and warm already when you enter the door. There are a large number of other settings that can be customized freely based on the requirements of the owner.

Shutter, window, door and lighting control

Thanks to shutter control you can open or close the shutters automatically, depending on the time of the day, the season or even according to outside temperature or weather conditions. A storm is approaching? Shutters can be closed to protect the windows. Lighting control may also be needed for safety, comfort or energy efficiency reasons.
Would you like to be warned if you have forgotten one of the lights on before you leave the house? With us, it is possible!
Set automatic ambiance lighting or lighting schemes in the house, and chose the preset options by one simple command instead of switching dozens of light switches. Using the window and door control function, you can close all windows of the house by giving one simple command from your phone when you leave, but also, you can open them for ventilation. Moreover, the opening of the windows can be programmed in advance, in case of an incidental fire for instance.


RS485 remote IO valve control

Remote IO with 16 DI and 16 DO. Using this solution, the Home 2.0 X20 controller PLC or even our RS 485 thermostat can directly control the valves of connecting heating circles.


RS485 thermostat

With or without display, the network of thermostats that we have designed, constitute the control points of a smart home. With their help, the temperature of the house can be set with the highest degree of energy efficiency, according to the time of day and the comfort level of the user.


Remote control of the building

Building automation systems installed by NG Project can be controlled according to your needs from a tablet or from a phone with Android or iOS operation systems but you can also set to receive a warning or a report on any type of events even via e-mail.