Bernecker & Rainer

“Perfection in Automation” as it is stated by the motto of the company Bernecker & Rainer. Given that NG Project always aims to find the most perfect solutions, the perfectionist attitude of the provider is in line with our philosophy. On this basis, we have been distributing and incorporating the equipment of Bernecker & Rainer into our own solutions.


With X20, Bernecker & Rainer has introduced a new, standard-setting system. The system has been developed taking into account the requirements of the users, and keeping in mind cost effectiveness as well. X20 system is a universal solution to perform any industrial process management task.

System 2005

System 2005 is a high performance control solution from Bernecker & Rainer (B&R). Its high calculation capacity and I/O bandwidth can satisfy the needs of any machine control, production line or process management system. Unfortunately, the system is not manufactured any longer. Our company, however, is prepared to continue maintenance and reparation of the systems that are already operating.

Power Panel

Power Panel is considered to be an optimal solution in the field of integrated control, operation and visualization. Our offer makes a wide range of intelligent panels available to perform small and medium scale automation and industrial process management tasks.